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Webinar: Data & Growth Hacking

When? June 11th, 12 pm

Guests: Jeroen & Niels from

Length: approx. 90 minutes

There’s a saying: data is the new gold. Your business is going to be disrupted by data and analytics.

Data is the foundation of growth hacking. Each day, organizations get to interact with data concerning customers, vendors, employees. Sadly, 73% of it goes to waste. Even worse, the remaining 27% of data that is analyzed doesn’t always result in quality insights.

A good chunk of companies struggles in identifying the best data to draw their insights.


Luckily, we bring in two experts to help you out. Jeroen and Niels from The Data Story met when setting up the data warehouse for one of the Dutch household names in retail.

When used wisely, data can be a driver of change in your business, both by unveiling opportunities and pointing out problematic areas. This trickles down to how you collect and analyze your data.

In this webinar we will be de-mystifying data in growth hacking. You will learn how to collect the right data, normalize it and use it for actionable insights.

Sounds like fun? It does to us.


  • How to plan your data and data measurements
  • How to set up your datawarehouse and collect data.
  • How to normalize and report data the right way
  • How to make data actionable to drive growth
  • How to personalize and segment using data



Hurry! We’re going with live with Data & Growth Hacking:

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Webinar: Growth Hack Pinterest

When? June 18th, 12 pm

Guests: Maarten Bierman, The Pinfluencers

Length: approx. 90 minutes

Did you know that Pinterest has 370 million users worldwide and realized a growth of 26% YoY?

And that 50% of that growth has come from outside the US? The Netherlands has approximately 4.5 million MAU alone.

“Pinterest is a visual search and discovery platform where people are looking for ideas and

inspiration (products and services), with a buying interest”-says Maarten Bierman founder of the first Dutch Pinterest Marketing Agency The Pinfluencers.

He started his company back in 2015 and helps companies and entrepreneurs with setting up Pinterest business accounts, account management, training and off course Pinterest marketing services. As an official Pinterest partner he has deep insights in trends and statistics.

Few r(e) tailers are aware that almost 90% of the pinners (the users of Pinterest) use the platform as an orientation channel before they make a purchase. Pinterest is so much more than: “oh yes that’s the platform where only women are active pinning wedding dresses and high heels”

When your brand, product or service isn’t present on this e-commerce platform you’re missing out big time.

Come join us the 18th of June where Maarten will take you on a Pinterest journey you will never forget!

  • What is Pinterest and how are people using it?
  • Why you’re missing out as a business, brand or product
  • Pinterest for branding, SEO, lead generation and conversion
  • Men are crazy about this platform. I will show you why!
  • Why you should stop with Google Ads and spent your money on Pinterest marketing










Webinar: Scaling International using Growth Hacking

When? June 25th, 12 pm

Guests: Emilie Verbunt , DutchBaseCamp

Length: approx. 90 minutes

Internationalization is a hot topic especially for all companies. In our humble opinion, hacking your international growth is the only way forward.

Why? You need to test new markets fast, adopt your product to every market, analyze, learn and re-define without spending a fortune.


Why should you attend?


The unique combination of expertise in Internationalization and Growth Hacking.

Over 175 companies were helped with their international strategy and execution by GrowthHub and DutchBasecamp.

We take you through the whole process of hacking your growth internationally using advanced tools so you do not waste time, effort and money going international.

We are accredited International Scaling Coaches of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and we are helping others founders scale international via DutchBaseCamp (if time allows).

GrowthHub co-organizes this event with DutchBaseCamp for start-ups and scale-ups on a mission to scale internationally.

  • How to determine your target market(s)
  • What are the do’s and don’ts of scaling internationally based on founders who have gone before you
  • How to build your foundation in a new market
  • How to growth hack your expansion
  • Tap into the knowledge of 100s of companies we have helped internationalizing





Webinar: Growth Hack TikTok

When? July 2nd, 12 pm

Guests: Joey Scheufler, Prappers Media

Length: approx. 90 minutes

Here are some stats about TikTok that will blow your mind:

  • users in 154 Countries
  • 4th Most Popular Free iPhone Apps Download in 2019
  • Highest Social Media Engagement Rates Per Post
  • 800 Million Active Users Worldwide
  • 1.9 Billion Installations
  • 55% Uploaded a Video in the Last Month
  • 1,000,000 Estimated Daily Page Views
  • 49% of Teenagers Have Used TikTok
  • 37% of US TikTok Users Report Household Income of More Than $100,000

So how can you make use of this platform? No idea? We got you covered.

Joey is a Digital Strategy Director of Prappers Media, your partner in marketing innovation.


They help brands connecting to their audiences on innovative channels; mobile apps, voice assistants, and TikTok.


He creates successful campaigns and innovative content to grow your business.They deliver campaigns with an unique reach via our own publisher- and influencer networks. We optimize and analyze for the best results and a fantastic ROI.


Among their clients are well known Dutch brands like: ANWB, NPO, Telegraaf, DPG, Prenatal, ABNAmro, Disney, PostNL, Aegon and many more!

  • What is Tiktok and how can your business benefit
  • Establish and grow a (brand) fanbase on Tiktok
  • Affiliate marketing on Tiktok
  • How to advertise on Tiktok
  • Great cases!



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Suggestions? Talk to us!








You missed this one, 60 others did not. Webinar: Growth Hack LinkedIn

When? June 4th, 12 noon

Guests: Renier Bleeker,

Length: approx. 90 minutes

We all love Linkedin. 675 million users, 310 million MAU (monthly active users). 2 new members per second.

If you have not gotten any leads or business or a job out of using Linkedin, you must have been doing something terribly wrong.

Linkedin is a hard to ignore platform for any growth hacker. Especially if you are growth hacking B2B or software.

We are happy to announce that Renier is willing to share his experience of 4 years growth hacking Linkedin.

Renier and is an extraverted nerd (extranerded?) . His professional passion is Growth Hacking. In general growth hacking is about marketing, product development, engineering, data, automation blablabla..

For him it’s all about being smart, ingenious, use common sense, insights, creativity and mix it up with data and some tools.

He really likes to help businesses, freelancers or startups that have a passion for what they do.

Even more if they do a little bit good for the rest of the world. he always wants to know or find out the WHY behind a story, concept, business or person.

He has been using LinkedIn for sales and lead generation purposes for the last 4 years and it has proven to be a VERY effective tool to accomplish your growth goals. LI automation is a great way to empower your sales machine BUT only when you know how to use it.

  • How to create an event on LinkedIn
  • How to identify your target audience based on the Sales Navigator filters and search options
  • How to optimise your LinkedIn profile so it will function as a landing page
  • How to set up an invite-campaign using
  • How to automatically transfer interesting leads to your CRM



You missed this one, 62 others did not. Webinar: Growth Hack your Acquisition

When? May 28th, 12 noon

Guests: Rody Van Vierssen, Digital Heroes

Length: approx. 90 minutes

Did you know that there are more than 200 acquisition channels to chose from?

You may only use Google Ads and Facebook (which is perfectly fine if it works for you) but many of us use more than 10 acquisition channels and the best in class try at least 2-3 EVERY month.If you want to do it the right way, you need some sort of acquisition plan.

You will find that your backlog of acquisition experiments needs some sort of advanced planning and structure.

This is usually the point when Rody comes in. Rody Van Vierssen started his career in 1998 in media planning, so he brings in a a whopping 22 years of experience in the field of paid acquisition channels and planning.

We convinced Rody to share his knowledge of 22 years how to structure your

acquisition, make a planning, how to do proper attribution, how not to fall

into the trap of last click evaluation and how to properly spend your acquisition budget to bring in more revenue.

This one is going to be one for books. Be there.

  • How to properly structure a media
  • budget across 10+ channels
  • How attribution works and how to setit up properly
  • Should you use re-targeting or not?
  • What is and when is the right time to set-up a Data Management Platform (DMP)
  • Who you need on team when your scale acquisition channels






You Missed this one, 68 others did not. Webinar: Growth Hack your Marketing Automation

When? May 20th, 11 am

Guests: Jeroen Corthout, the Co-Founder of Salesflare

Length: approx. 90 minutes

Are you or your team spending too much time on painful time-consuming tasks you should

really be automating?

Are you manually following up on your website/leads?

Do you use a CRM to track your leads, sales, and retention?Those are

just a few questions we ask our clients during intake meetings.

The good news is that you can automate many tasks nowadays.

The bad news is that they

often involve expensive systems only corporates could afford back in the days.

Today even a small start-up can do many things fully automated and we will show you some nice automation growth hacks we and others are using and you can set-up directly after the webinar yourself.

To teach you this stuff, we bring in Jeroen Corthout, the Co-Founder of Salesflare.

Salesflare is a simply powerful CRM that automates your data to build better relationships and make more sales.  

And, Jeroen knowns a lot about automations, let’s learn from him.

  • How to set-up powerful website to CRM automations in combination with Linkedin / Email that bring in more leads and sales
  • What automations are essential for you and which systems (besides Salesflare) he recommends
  • Share the learnings of starting a CRM business in a very crowded place with tons of A-players around
  • How you can bring in more sales using less time and why the focus of your sales team is more important than copy/ paste work
  • How to be smart with limited resources using smart automations




You Missed this one, 81 others did not. Webinar: Growth Hack Your PR

When? May 14th, 2 pm

Guests: Gloria Chou – Book a meeting

Length: approx. 75 minutes

There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” Oscar Wilde

You get our point. PR is one of the most powerful tools for traffic and conversion, yet it is an art you probably cannot (and maybe you should not want to) master yourself.

Even if you want to give it try yourself, make sure to attend our webinar how to growth hack your PR. We bring in one of the best specialists in startup PR to teach you how to do PR the right way for your business.

Gloria is a former US. Diplomat turned PR Guru, helping entrepreneurs show up in a bigger way by bringing clarity to their message and presenting it to the right media gatekeepers so they can get featured.

As the founder of Gloria Chou PR (based in New York City), she helps founders sharpen their narrative, get pitch-perfect, and implement a successful PR roadmap without the price tag of a traditional PR agency.

Committed to making PR accessible to all, Gloria also created the first “PR in a Box” solution for solo-prenuers who want to leverage the benefits of PR at the earliest stages of their business journey–it’s called the PR Starter Pack and its under $500 and there’s nothing else like it in the market. 

  • Why PR is one of the most powerful tools in acquisition
  • How to hack your PR the right way
  • The exact steps we take to get PR mentions
  • Learn how to sharpen your narrative
  • Learn how to implement a successful PR roadmap




You missed this one, 69 others did not: Webinar: Growth Hack Your Sales

When? April 30th, 12 pm

Guests: Matt Wolach from

Length: approx. 75 minutes

We have invited a specialist in sales hacking for this kick-off a mini series in B2B growth hacking

Matt Wolach has sales in his blood. He is the creator of “The Perfect D.E.A.L. Process”, an innovative yet simple sales formula for closing more deals.

As a founder and early executive in 4 startups, he has 3 exits to his credit proving that the process works in any scenario. Matt now focuses his time on coaching small and medium companies on how they can create a repeatable sales process that allows for global expansion.

Matt will teach us his 3 best sales hacks/ tactics you can use directly after the webinar to close more sales.

Does this sound like fun?

  • For everyone who wants to close more sales
  • Learn about the D.E.A.L. process Matt created
  • Learn 3 sales hack you can implement right after the webinar
  • Learn the sales mistakes and how to prevent them in your organization
  • Find out how you should audit your sales process to improve







You Missed this one, 134 others did not:

Webinar: Growth Hack Your SEO

When? April 30th, 12 pm

Guests: Martijn Hoving from and Dennis Akkerman from

Length: approx. 75 minutes

I do not want organic traffic”, nobody ever said. Learn the SEO strategies we used to reach millions of people by combining SEO with social media, publicity, and using savvy techniques to side-step your competition.

We have invited two experts, Martijn Hoving from and Dennis Akkerman from to explain to you the secrets of ranking high organically in Google.

In the first part of the webinar we talk about on-page & technical SEO, the second part is dedicated to off-page SEO (authority).

  • Why organic traffic is always a high priority of all growth acquisition experiments
  • You will be able to create a very good SEO strategy for your business
  • The exact steps we use to rank websites high in Google
  • How to optimize your pages to rank and the most important on-page ranking factors
  • Learn the best link building strategies & off-page ranking factors
  • Learn how to do gain authority the right way
  • Learn the best link building strategies & off-page ranking factors

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