We need to declare a Climate Emergency Now!

What are you going to do to combat climate change? It’s official: 2020 ranks as the second hottest year on record for the planet, knocking 2019 down to third hottest, according to an analysis by NOAA scientists. There is a 90% likelihood of at least one year between 2021-2025 becoming the warmest on record.

Join the fight with us.

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Why Growth Hacking to Combat Climate Change?

Growth Hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across the marketing funnel, product development, and sales. The sole goal is to identify the most efficient way to grow a business and exponentially increase revenue and profit.

We are now deploying the same skills to combat climate change. 

GrowthHub Was Your Leading Growth Hacking Agency

We were on a mission to scale companies using data-driven growth hacking and rapid experimentation. Why scale companies if there is no earth left?

The Biggest Threat Modern Humans Have Ever Faced: Climate Change.

Our team of digital experts is passionate about growing businesses. Now we are passionate about Climate Change.

Driven by data, fueled by the growth mindset, unleashing creativity along the way,

We now work with organizations around the globe to combat climate change. Which is now a climate EMERGENCY!

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Our Climate Change  Manifesto

We are discovering better ways to combat climate change through new approaches and fast execution.

Four ingredients to combat climate change.



All countries need to declare a climate emergency now! We have no more time to waste. We all need to act now.


All companies but especially the tech companies have to dedicate their best engineers to start solving the climate emrgency.

Creative Thinking

We all need to start acting and not talking. We need to bring together the best of minds to create solutions for the climate emergency.

Data Centricity

We scientifically validated learnings over opinions and conventions​. By 2025, greenhouse gases will reach levels not seen in more than 3m years, when the average temperature was 3C-4C warmer than today and sea levels 20 metres higher.

What our clients said before the climate emergency

“I hired GrowthHub to consult my team on several international online growth-related challenges. I was positively surprised by the deep knowledge of the subject and the entrepreneurial spirit, the creative way of always finding a solution to whichever problem encountered, as well of the integrity.

They are extremely passionate and professional. I happily recommend them. They helped us successfully execute our mission!”

Alfredo Silva – Founder at Fromanteel Watches

“The key to the success of Scaling Hotelspecials was Growth Hacking. The GrowthHub team has helped us to structure our teams for growth and rapidly test experiments.

As a result, we achieved to break even less than 8 months on the very competitive German market. One thing I know for sure, working with these guys will take your growth to the next level. Be prepared!”

Remco Hofstede
Founder Hotelspecials

“We have been working with GrowthHub since we started expanding internationally. Due to the support of GrowthHub, we learned to focus on our customer life value and our customer acquisition costs have drastically decreased.

We rolled out in 10+ countries and have grown 700% in just a few months via rapid experimentation and fast execution.”

Melle Schellekens
The Good Roll

Our Partners

We are accredited coaches by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and were partnering locally and internationally to help business owners grow. Now we are are focussed on 1) declaring the climate emergency 2) forcing everybody to act FAST!

How Can You Help?

We offer a wide range of services & expertise in all digital disciplines related to growth hacking & digital transformation.


Growth Training

Learn how to set-up a growth hacking process, how to build your first growth team and what tools you need to start growth hacking via our world-class training.


Growth Strategy

What’s your plan? How can you model your growth and focus on the right metrics? Together we define your growth strategy and outline the process for exponential growth.


Customer Persona

Who are our customers? What pains, gains and jobs keeps them busy? Defining a customer persona and finding them online is key for your success.


Lead Generation

How can we generate a constant and predictable flow of inbound leads for our products and services? We map the lead flow and set-up a system for long-term lead generation.

Sales Strategy

Learn how to set-up a growth hacking process, how to build your first growth team and what tools you need to start growth hacking via our world-class training.


What can be automated should be automated. Are you spending time on repetitive tasks instead of closing deals? Let us start automating your marketing machine.


What resources can we produce to help our customers and prospects? What information can we provide them in every stage of their journey with us so we add value with every interaction.


Websites and landing pages should convert visitors into leads. Measuring and improving conversions is an important part and needs constant attention.

Business Models

Pricing and business models are the most undervalued growth drivers. Do not take it lighthearted and this component can be a game-changer for your long-term business success.


Organic (search) traffic to your company is a key component for your long term success and should be tackled right from the start. We plan for long term organic traffic success.


There are 150+ acquisition channels and the average company is using only 3 or 4 of them. Let’s start the process of diversifying your acquisition channels.


Websites and landing pages should convert visitors into leads. Measuring and improving conversions is an important part and needs constant attention.



Customer referrals are cheap and at the same time more powerful than any paid channels. How can you tap into the leveraging effects of referrals on acquisition costs?

Data Analytics

After we have modeled your growth, we measure it for the long run. Which data points need to be measured and how can we report growth in (near) real-time?

Int. Expansion

You want to expand internationally? Choosing and launching companies in the right markets is something we have done many times before.

Digital PR

Getting covered by the press and mainstream media is flattering. Reaching out to and getting the desired coverage is a combination of planning, creativity and pitching.

Past Results That Had No Impact:

Viacom CBS | data centricity, adaptive campaigns, multi collab

App downloads




App downloads


Data-Driven International Growth Framework, Growth Marketing



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Growth Mindset, Experimentation Process, Inbound Sales



Lead Conversion




Team Upskill, data centricity & creative thinking



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